Mar 8, 2013

Property Clamp Down

I have been busy lately in the matter of the heart. I have 2 days cool down period and i finally remember my blog. haaa. What should i write ?

When the gov introduced the most comprehensive property measure in Jan this year, this keeps me thinking how to profit from it that week.

We know there is a lot of cash in the systems and it has to go somewhere. Where can it goes ?

1. Stock Market
2. Car
3. Tour
4. Education
5. Casino
6. Fixed Deposits
7. Gold
8. Property
9. Married
10. Baby
11. Charity
12. ....

Most listed are expenses except Stocks. With Gold and Property more of inflation hedge. I choose Stock Market and double up my investment.

Two months later, i am right and wrong.

Right for increasing my stock portfolio significantly. Wrong for not doing enough.... I still have too much cash idling ...

I avoided property counters logically except Reits. Has been enjoying the ride since.
Wish has been better.


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